Accidents Victims Assistance and Hospitality Initiative (AVAHI).

We are mostly concerned with the sanctity of life, hence the slogan: AVAHI! LIFE FIRST. Every member is trained to place a high premium on saving life within the minimum possible time. Integrity, honesty, industry, reliability and accountability are integral parts of AVAHI to ensure safe keeping and utmost care for the victims’ properties and welfare respectively

AVAHI Team on Rescue Missions

This is one of the rescues we did on the 5th of January 2020 at the Nyanya axis.

AVAHI Team on Rescue Missions

This is one of the rescues we did on the 5th of January 2020 at the Nyanya axis.

The incessant cases of deaths through accidents on the Nigerian roads have become alarming in this last decade. Most of these deaths could be averted if adequate measures to rescue the victims and taken for proper treatments at the barest minimum time were taken. This initiative is therefore envisioned to provide the necessary prompt assistance to the accident’s victim that would minimize or totally eliminate careless deaths resulting from such accidents.

Although there are other government agencies entrusted with the safety of road transport in Nigeria, it is pertinent to note that such agencies do not stand as sureties or provide enough friendly relationship to stand as a “next of kin” that would facilitate easy access to treatment by the health center where the victims are being referred to.

To this end, AVAHI, a non-governmental organization is founded and managed to assist accidents’ victims by making a prompt response to the scene of the accident, take proper inventory of the affected victims with their properties and take same to the appropriate nearest health center and/or AVAHI office for immediate treatment and recording for proper keeping of the victims’ items respectively.




















Our Vision

To stop or reduce to the barest minimum, cases of careless deaths of road accidents victims on the Nigerian roads.

Mission Statement

To mobilize resources to the scene of accidents for rescue operations in the barest minimum time; provide an adequate rescue by administering first aid and evacuate victims to a nearby health center for proper medication and to ensure a cordial “next of kin” relationship between the victim and the operators before re-uniting with the immediate family of the victim.

Saving Accidents Victims’ Lives

Since 2018…

Youth and Children


Our Objectives

  • To ensure safety of life for all accident victims on the Nigeria roads
  • To give necessary and adequate assistance through first aids and good rapports at the scene of the accident before being transferred to an appropriate nearby health center for proper medication
  • To foster a cordial relationship between victims and the immediate rescue team that would enhance confidence on the Nigerian health providing system
  • To minimize cases of careless deaths through accidents that could have been easily averted.
  • To ensure proper inventory and safekeeping of the accident victims, properties, where and when necessary.


Staff Training

All staff, irrespective of their background, shall be made to undergo special training at the entry level which is meant to give a proper orientation and inculcate in them the core values of AVAHI in order to imbibe the hospitable spirit that is required in rescuing an accident victim. Other training for capacity building shall be encouraged as the member of staff continues in the service from time to time.

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